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We specialize in helping clients develop a clear path to significant profitable growth. Some typical client issues are:
  • Which areas of the market should we be investing in for growth and how can we win in these markets?
  • How can we better position our brand and business in the marketplace for growth?
  • What is the optimal distribution strategy to reach and attract target customers?
  • How can we refocus our sales approach to better take advantage of improved Internet customer connectivity and acquisition opportunities?
  • Where should we be investing more - and less - within a specific market to win with high profit customers?
  • What are the innovative new products and services that will fuel our growth over the next 5-10 years? Which product platforms should we be investing in now?
  • How attractive is this new market? And, if sufficiently attractive, how should we enter?
  • How should we compete with a specific competitor or competitors to gain share and improve retention of our high profit customers?