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Client Challenge

Create a Brand and Product Portfolio Framework To Identify Strategic Growth Opportunities

A leading global manufacturer of cleaning products was interested in pursuing a marketplace strategy to identify ways to grow their brand.

Clorox enlisted the help of Orrington to conduct and create a marketplace and brand portfolio framework, in order to identify areas of untapped demand across Clorox’s brands and products.

Through the analysis, one strategic growth opportunity was to pursue a new market for Clorox, chemical conscious consumers.

Business Results
Coming out of this work, Clorox introduced a “natural” line of green cleaners, under a new brand, GreenWorks.

Since then, the GreenWorks line has become the market-share leader in the natural cleaning products category, ahead of earlier entrants.

According to Clorox,

“We believe that there were two reasons for this success, and we identified the following foundational factors:
  • The identification of a new customer demographic, whom we termed the “chemical-avoiding” naturalist, and deep insight into this demographic, and

  • The design and delivery of a total product experience that met the full range of this segment’s critical needs.”