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Client Challenge

Grow the Brand Through a Market Specific Strategy

A leading global manufacturer of cleaning products wanted to grow their brand by focusing on the growing Hispanic market.

The goal was to uncover unmet needs of Hispanic consumers and translate the insights into new marketing, trade and product strategies for growth.

To accomplish this, Orrington:
  • Identified the optimal Hispanic targets through segmentation and analysis.

  • Uncovered insights to understand the role of cleaning in Hispanic women’s lives.

  • Aligned the product, channel and overall marketing strategy to the target Hispanic market.
Business Results
Stemming from this work, Clorox Company introduced new products, formed new trade distributions and developed marketing programs aimed at the Hispanic market.

The new cleaning products are based on a strong understanding of Hispanic cleaning needs and preferences.

Clorox Fraganzia, which was introduced coming out of this effort, satisfied the need for a solution for both a pleasurable aroma while also providing important cleaning efficacy cues.

According to David Cardona, Multicultural Director at Clorox:

“This is the first time a line of cleaning products is designed for and marketed exclusively to U.S. Hispanics.  This is only the beginning; we are truly and deeply committed to the Hispanic consumer for many years.”